Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stars on Ice

We had a fun surprise, seating in the 4th row and watching an event instead of organizing the event!  Mom, Jordan and I attended the Olympic 10 year anniversary at the Energy Solutions.  Many famous skaters performed along with the attendance of Mitt Romney.  Mom and I enjoyed watching the security.  It was a fantastic evening reminiscing our experience of the Olympics.  Only hope to have the Olympics come back!
10 years ago, holding the torch!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jasmine's 19th Birthday

Our lovely Jasmine turned 19!  Oh these kids are growing up so fast and how much I LOVE and ENJOY every minute watching them become incredible young adults.  I love my conversations with Jasmine and watching her care for Taylor.  They are a beautiful couple!
Jordan continues making her awesome cakes too!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Taylor's 21st Birthday

My sweet Taylor turned 21 today!  It was just 4 years ago he was on a troubled path.  Jason and I experienced a greater level of unconditional love.  The months were challenging and the uncertainty was painful.  The family rallied together as we tried our best to draw him closer to us.  After some time, Taylor came back and we spent months healing and improving his ways of life.

Today, he is an amazing young man.  He is working full time for Ortho Development and plans to return back to school.  Taylor has a beautiful girlfriend and they live in a wonderful home that he has spent many hours remodeling.  I am so proud of them.  Jasmine and Taylor meet in high school and weathered through many storms.  He has come a long way from all those broken bones!

The future is so bright for my Taylor.  I love him dearly!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Spirit is STRONGER than the Body!

For over 5 years Jordan has worked with an amazing doctor that assisted her with her back injuries relating to figure skating.  Dr. Lacey Picard specialized in DNFT (Directional Non Force Technique).  She and Jordan quickly developed a friendship through our countless visits over the 5 years.  Jordan shared her victories and fears with Lacey.  Lacey was always compassionate and interested in Jordan's goals. 

On Labor Day of 2011, Lacey was riding her horse in Park City when a distracted 16 year old hit her and her horse, Tahoe.  Tahoe died on the scene and Lacey flew over 40 feet and broke her arm, femur, portions of her back along with head trauma.  She was in a coma for weeks and our beautiful, vibrant Lacey was on a new path of survival.  I wanted to take Jordan to visit but feared how Jordan would accept Lacey's new condition.  Months have passed and parts of Lacey were healing but time would tell concerning her brain injuries. 
She has since moved to a rehabilitation home.  Progress is slow and she is often back at the University for numerous surgeries.  The past weekend, Jordan and I were at the University filling a prescription.  We knew Lacey was recovering from another surgery and was in the hospital.  It was the right time for Jordan to visit Lacey and I figured she would be heavily medicated but I was wrong.

Jordan and I experienced a valuable lesson on how the spirit is stronger than the body...
Lacey hasn't spoken since Labor Day, she eats through a feeding tube, she can't move her left side, her legs have contracted and numerous other set backs.  Surgeries are endless and everyone waits for her to reconnect to reality.  Progress includes her connection to music with a music therapist and has been fitted for a special wheelchair.  Some of seen her smile and laugh but most of her time is spent resting and physical therapy.  We walked in her room and she was alert.  Jordan introduced herself and shared how they knew each other.  Soon Jordan and Lacey interacted and started to play a little game.  Lacey had a rag in her right hand, Jordan would ask Lacey to wipe her nose and she would slowly reach for her nose.  This continued with eyes, ears, lips, eyebrow, cheeks etc.  And then we noticed Lacey reached for Jordan's arm and rubbed it repeatedly with the rag.  She reconnected with her role in Jordan's life...she nurtured.  I don't know if she realized it was "Jordan King - her patient" but she recognized she took care of others and she reached out to take care of Jordan.  Jordan had her beautiful long hair down and it gently brushed against Lacey's face.  Lacey grabbed her hair and touched it over and over.  She then reached for her hair as if she remembered she had similar long beautiful hair.  Others in the room shared with us that Lacey has never done that before.  Jordan will be visiting more often.  It was a beautiful day for us to recognize the human spirit is stronger then the body.

The 16 year old driver...she is facing her own challenges and heartache that has caused grieve so many of us can not comprehend.  All this because she was trying to change music on her IPOD.

Family Fun Night

Just a nice simple evening with my favorite people watching a Grizzley game.  Do I like hockey?  Not really.  I love the music, arena, and being with family.  I do not understand the fighting and how the crowd goes nuts and encourage the fighting.  It was "Pooch Night".  A section allowed the fans to bring their dogs!  We left Mini Horse Dog and Deacon at home.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky Friday

I started a special event once a month for Public Skate Nights at Acord Ice Center.  January was our first special event.  We usually offer public skate nights on Tuesday and Saturday evenings so I had little expectations for another public skate night but it was worth a try.  I added our first special event night on Friday the 13th and called it Freaky Friday.  $1.50 Admission, $1.50 Skate Rental, $1.50 Hot Dog.  I hoped it would be busy and we would sale a good amount of hot dogs...but I didn't think we would be this BUSY!!!  Over 300 people and we sold over 120 hot dogs.  This photo was taken after 30 minutes of putting away the skates!
It was a successful night and beyond my expectations.  I loved watching all the families attend. 
Best comment, "I hope you offer this again.  This is something my family can afford and it's great to have us all together!"  The father purchased 16 admissions, 16 skate rentals and 16 hot dogs and drinks and they stayed all three hours!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Money For Tan Man

So excited for Tan Man...We just found out he received a grant for film and production that pays for his tuition!!!  I am so proud of him for going back to school and never giving up.  It's been a tough 4 months dealing with his tumor and withdrawing from his first semester.  Spring semester starts tomorrow!  Way to Go Tan Man!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tanner's 19th Birthday

 Happy Birthday Tan Man!
I love this young man!  He didn't come to this earth very easy and he has never stopped moving since the first time they put him in my arms.  I love his creative thinking and adventures! I love watching my children become young adults.  Tanner has experienced a year of great growth and acceptance of things we can not control.  Last month he moved out of the house.  It was time and I am so proud of his grateful attitude and the connection and bond we are developing.  He continues to be that old spirit inside a youthful body.  We were cleaning up his "stuff" and organizing his old room when I came across his black leather penny loafer shoes.  He wore them everyday when he was 5.  The shoes, white sox, white tshirt and jeans...nearly EVERYDAY.  After he out grew the shoes, I kept one and my Dad kept the other.  We now have them both together and I look forward to the day I show them to his children.  Tanner keeps us laughing and how I love finding our moments together.  Great opportunities are in store for Tanner.  He will accomplish great things, he bless others and he will become a great man.  I love my Tan Man...I am honored to raise such a wild spirit!
Meanwhile, Jordan continues with her baking and made his birthday cake!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

 Finishing up the holidays with New Year's Eve at GMA's house!
 We played Cranium for hours...I loved ending 2011 with these two kids!  Tanner was off with his friends.  Jordan and Hans spent it with their friends at EVE downtown.
 I love this man!  I am ready for the new adventures, challenges and laughter as long as I have him by my side!
 Chris and Missy ready to celebrate their second anniversary!
Hans and Jordan downtown at EVE.

It's been another successful year with it's challenges and disappointments along with it's pure moments of joy and great accomplishments.
Jason started a new job and is no longer working from home.  He continues to amaze me with his energy.  I knew I found an incredible father for my children but I didn't realize until this past year how I found an amazing companion to spend the rest of my life with.  We have made many adjustments this past year and oh how I enjoy my new found time with Jason!  Growing old with him is going to be fantastic!
I received a promotion working as a coordinator for Salt Lake County.  I manage an ice rink and swimming pool (more like an amusement park)!  It's been a whirlwind of meetings, planning, organizing and learning.  I love every minute and there has many millions of minutes spend in my new position!  I continue to serve with the Young Women and love my time with the youth!
Taylor is becoming an amazing young man.  He has turned his life around and become my hero.  He has fallen to the very bottom and figured out how to make a better life.  I love our conversations and I see so much of his dad in him.  He and Jasmine are a beautiful couple and I anticipate great events in their future!  Jasmine works at Starbucks and started college.  Taylor continues to work full time at Ortho Development.
Tanner's year was not fair.  He set goals and was constantly challenged with accomplishing them.  He was discharged from the Army and later withdrew from college due to the ACL and tumor surgeries.  Jason and I recognize the blessings and the prayers our family has received on behalf of Tanner's surgeries but it's been difficult for any 18 year old to understand.  Last month, he took the big step and moved out.  He has registered for the spring semester at the junior college and I anticipate the upcoming year will be much better! 
Jordan had a challenging year with her skating injuries and learned lessons on patience and perseverance.  Despite the limited training, she qualified to Sectionals and finished 8th.  For the first time in 9 years, she is taking a two month break and healing her back.  She has enjoyed her time off!  She is busy with her boyfriend and plans to get her license in a few weeks.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady. 

Three goals I want to accomplish in 2012...
Read the Book of Mormon (again).
Spend more time blogging detailing my thoughts and experiences.
Print my blog into books.

Of course I have many other goals but these three will keep me going month by month as we face the adventures, blessing and challenges in our home!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Snuggy Gift

 Mom gave each family member a snuggy!  It's the inside joke about how cold mom's house now she gave us each a snuggy!

Santa's Gift

 Santa left four little boxes...each box had 4-5 pieces to a puzzle!'s time for a trip to Disneyland!  We are planning to leave in May.  Last time we took the family was over 10 years ago!

Christmas Morning

 We woke up and QUICKLY packed our car with the gifts and headed to GMA's house!  The kids stockings were waiting...along with Max and Tegan's stockings too!
 Santa left each child a special small box...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Night

 All my kids, including Mini Horse Dog stayed the night.  They opened their one present of pajama's and we all cuddled in the livingroom to watch "Four Christmas's".  This was after I made them watch a special message about the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas.  It was a wonderful time to just relax and talk with each of them.  I love them so much...
They may not make the choices I would prefer but they are really turning out to be incredible young adults.  I love this phase of life...I love being their mother!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner was at our house.  Another great evening spent with family and loved ones!

 I loved being surprised by Nate! 

This is our second year in a row spending Christmas in Utah.  It was wonderful to spend it with mom and her brothers!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remember Cordero???

Cordero is all grown up!  We had our farewell dinner serving his favorite meal...tostado's!  Cordero is spending a month in Alaska (his home) and an intership in KOREA!!!  We won't see him until June 2012.  We will miss him so much!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Fun Nights - Zoo Lights

 Another fun evening with the trippy glasses and spending with family!  I seached the web for the glasses and watch out next year I am getting the variety pack that includes reindeer, santa, elfs and candy canes!  I am also selling them at work for our public skate nights...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family Fun Night - Temple Square

 We were planning to ice skate but it was closing!  So we adventured out with our trippy glasses and walked to Temple Square.  We were missing Tanner who was busy with his new roommates.
 I love growing old with this man!!!
 They couldn't be any cuter!  I love spending time with Jasmine and Taylor. 
 Another cute couple!  Hans and Jordan spending their first Christmas season together.
 Jasmine brought her sister, Diana who is expecting a baby next year!!!  The glasses create snowmen or snowflakes with each light bulb.  They are fun to wear!
 Jason and Taylor
 My sweet Taylor!